Health Requirements

Health Services

The school does not provide health services on campus other than making available immunizations at scheduled times.

  • Immunizations: Clinical/externship sites require various vaccinations prior to participation in a clinical/externship rotation. Concorde offers these immunizations during on-campus health clinics at no cost. The immunization requirements are based on general requirements for working in a healthcare setting and may change without notice. If students are unavailable during scheduled immunization times, it is the students’ responsibility to ensure compliance with immunization requirements at their own cost. If a student declines any of these immunizations, Concorde cannot guarantee placement at a clinical/externship site. In these cases, the student may be required to complete additional health facility-specific documentation, including waivers. Under no conditions can Concorde guarantee employment.
  • Health Insurance Coverage: The externship/clinical sites do not provide health insurance coverage for students. All students are covered by accident and liability insurance policies while in school, on externship or on a clinical rotation. This policy does not automatically pay for all medical expenses due to school-related accidents. It is designed to work together with the insurance the student may already have. A student is required to meet with the Program Director regarding the processing of a claim. None of the programs provide health insurance as part of the tuition fee. Health insurance is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Health Conditions: It is the responsibility of the student to inform the appropriate instructor(s) of any physical or mental condition that could interfere with the safety of the student and/or patient while at the externship/clinical site.

While ill, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the Program Director, the Director of Clinical Education (DCE)/Clinical Instructor/Extern Coordinator and the externship/clinical site. Students are not permitted to attend class, externship or clinical with a communicable disease.