Campus Facilities

The campus is a 50,000-square-foot, stand-alone facility located in Grand Prairie, Texas, and is located at the southeast corner of Interstate 20 and Highway 360. The school is in a one-story, “U”-shaped building and allows for up to an extra 5,000 square feet of expansion for future programs. The campus design includes ten classrooms, seven specific, program-related laboratories, and three large computer labs. The facility also includes various administrative offices, indoor/outdoor student and employee lounges, and “Student Central,” which is comprised of various student support personnel, services, and a learning center to give students the best learning experience possible. The school is fully ADA-accessible and compliant per the newest federally adopted guidelines and applicable building codes. The exterior materials are comprised of tilt-up concrete panels and generous amounts of glass to bring natural light inside and throughout the facility to create a less “institutionalized feeling” atmosphere. Interior materials compliment this approach with neutral and accent colored walls, carpeting, vinyl tile, and laminated flooring. Ceilings are all acoustical-tile type to help control noise transmission from one area to another. Parking for the facility includes approximately 350 spaces.